Why Pro-Life Presidents Matter


  1. An interesting article if a bit abstract. It would be useful to know how many abortions were actually prevented by such measures as Joe Carter lists so we could compare with how many equally vulnerable members of society were killed by pro-war presidents.

    As it stands, if someone is a single-issue voter and that issue comes down to the sacredness of life, that person will not be able to vote for either McCain or Obama come November. Since you know, they both support killing in their own ways.

  2. What does it even mean to call someone a “pro life” president? Bush never stops hawking his “pro life” credentials, and yet there’s a lot of evidence that the drop in abortion rates seen throughout Bill Clinton’s presidency, began to grind to a halt during Bush’s.

    Go figure. Maybe we need to go beyond the self-appointed label of “pro-life” and look at the actual fruits.

  3. @G7 – Pro life essentially means: “Hey, if you think that abortion is not good and maybe even wrong then I’m on your side in so abstract a way that it really doesn’t matter except for the votes that I hope to win from you.”

    So yeah, the terminology is pretty nigh-useless to the end of actual and meaningful conversation and/or action.

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