The internet is chock full of wise sages today. Drew Dixon nails it:

So would Paul play Playstation 3?  I think so.  But he would play Playstation 3 knowing that it doesn’t even touch the joy he has in Christ.  And he would probably throw it out the window if it started to distract him from his one true love (I don’t think that the zeal he had as a Pharisee ever really left him!).  Its all a matter of perspective.  Has the gospel become so intensely precious to you that you could honestly say you have suffered the loss of all things?  You don’t have to hate Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii or the new James Bond movie (which in all honesty I really want to see), but none of those things can match the joy I have found in being a child of God through the death and resurrecton of my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.


  1. I dunno, Paul seems more like a PC gamer. Peter would either go xBox 360 or PS3 (those are interchangeable, right? John might play Wii. But then again, he might just run NES emulators.

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  2. I think PS3 is doing much better than it was. Xbox360 has had a bit of a rough patch. And Wii is still doing well console-wise.

    Software-wise (and this is where the companies make up for their console losses), Xbox is on top by a significant margin. PS3 is in second. And Wii is doing so-so.

    Since Wii caters to casual gamers, it makes sense that it would also cater to casual game purchasers (which may be why tech-wise, the Wii only uses 6th-gen computing as compared to Xbox and PS, which use 7th-gen). For Xbox and PS, when even a moderately reviewed game like Call of Duty: World at War comes out, everyone buys.

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  3. I’m not sure I’d go far as to say the PS3 is doing much better, particularly if you look at software sales. The 360, which did have a heads start, has been consistently selling more games, a lot more games, each month, with a few notable (MGS) exceptions.

    Of course, that could just be the fanboy in me talking…

  4. I’d say the PS3 is doing much better than it was (PS3’s launch was like a nightmare).The 360 is definitely going to see bigger software sales as it taps the same base market as the PS3 but holds a bigger market share where consoles are concern.

    So if you have three consoles out there (two of which are 360s and one of which is a PS3) and hot new game X comes out, what should we expect to see? 2 sales for the game on 360 and 1 sale for the game on PS3. And this is pretty much what we’re seeing right now. 2/3 thirds of 7th gen consoles that aren’t Wiis are 360s with the remaining third being PS3s. Sales for Call of Duty: World at War show

    Xbox 360 – 1,347,012
    PS3 – 801,370

    So PS3 is actually showing larger per-console sales on the current cross-platform big game. I would say that is Much Better than what we were looking at in the first year of PS3’s launch.

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  5. Dane,

    Whatever your “data” and “facts” might suggest, I know in my heart that the 360 is winning. Maybe you should try searching your own heart before casting aspersions on the Xbox 360.

  6. My own heart still says that 360 and PS3 are pale imitators to the One True Ring of gaming experience (and Wii doesn’t even chart) and so it really doesn’t matter much to me which one wins out in the end. Though I wouldn’t mind PS3 dropping in price by like a million dollars so I could play Little Big Planet. On the other hand, 360 has Braid.

    For now though, if I want to enjoy some second-tier gaming experience, I still don’t have to shell out the big bucks because my PS2 runs everything except my copy of Ico just fine.

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  7. The Dane,

    Are you saying PC gaming is superior to all others? My problem with pc games is that they take too much time to master. Wii is too simple but it seems you can’t jump into many pc games without having kept up with the pc gaming world. Where is the happy medium. I suppose that is part of living I’m a fallen world. We won’t have perfect games till Christ brings in the new heavens and the new earth!

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  8. I haven’t felt that to be the case at all. The ceiling has felt pretty low to me – and I’m not the kind of person who has the time or resources to purchase a lot of games.

    Of course it depends on what you mean by “master.” If you mean beat or finish, I don’t know. If you mean becoming fluent in a game’s control scheme, most games aren’t any harder than Super Mario.

    RTS games like Age of Empires take a bit of learning, but the tutorial campaigns pretty much teach you all you need to know.

    FPS games like Half-Life mostly rely on WASD to move, SPACE to jump, mouse to look, and mouse buttons for weapons. And they’ll throw in other buttons for whatever extras there are—e.g. R (Reload), TAB (status/equip screens), E (use item), and SHIFT (crouch). That might sound like a lot, but users can pick it up very quickly and using a mouse to aim is far easier than using analog sticks.

    The only time I felt out of my depth or nervous about trying out a new game was WoW. It just seemed too big or too much. But obviously, that wasn’t the case at all. That’s why the latest expansion had a record-breaking release last week—the game is just that simple to master.

    So yeah, despite the trepidation you may be feeling, the game schemes PC developers have cooked up are usually as easy to jump into as any Xbox or PS game.

    And Wii doesn’t exactly perform as great as advertised. I definitely couldn’t figure out the control scheme of Wii Boxing.

    But yeah, in answer to your initial question, I’m definitely a PC gamer. The only problems I run into is having a system that can only keep up with the newest games for three or four years. Not that this is such a different problem from that experienced by console owners.

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  9. Oh yeah. Which is not to say that I don’t like other systems. I love my PS2 and find that it does a particularly good job at offering up JRPGs (like Dark Cloud 2 or Persona 3). As well, I can’t imagine playing Shadow of the Colossus, GTA, or God of War on PC. Well, unless I ponied up for a game controller…

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  10. There are a few games I still get into on the PC. I still play Half Life 2 and F.E.A.R. from time to time. In fact I pulled out Half Life 2 and tried to play deathmatch online the other day and there were nothing but weird mods–no regular deathmatch–I think I got frustrated and felt like the PC world was beyond my reach!

    But yeah I actually think FPS games are the best when played on a PC. It does seem a little daunting to get into WoW (not to mention time-consuming) or some of the new Age of Empires games.

    Drews last blog post..How to suffer the loss of all things: Would Paul play Playstation 3?

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