A Kinder Gentler Marxism


  1. Pro-Tip: If I say I am a social democrat, there is no necessary tie between what I have just said and the possibility that I also support a political ideology called social democracy.

    Kinda like if I said I was a cool democrat, that wouldn’t mean that I necessarily support cool democracy. Or if I were a social republican, I might not actually a social republic.

    Now Obama may support a social democracy (regardless of the fact that this has nothing to do with the Etheridge quote), but in that, he’s not ideologically different in quality from most Republicans (who also support a government that mixes socialist and capitalist tendencies). The difference may be more in quantity. Or perhaps just in direction.

    But yeah, Republicans and Democrats are both pretty social when you just let them go out and do their thing.

  2. Oh come on Ben. You guys should embrace your reps:

    Rich – The Abortion Fanatic

    Ben – The Obama Supporter

    David – The Co-Founder (really, I’m kinda stuck and can’t think of the one thing that I think of when I think of David—except maybe that he doesn’t do the podcast anymore)

    Alan – The Hip-Hop Gamer

    Carissa – The Smart One/The Reader

    Charles – The Tech Fella

    Adam – The New Kid (a.k.a. Li’l Ben)

    Scott – The Rap Guy

    Bill – The Cosplay Guy

    The Dane – The Guy Who Made Kiel Leave

    Tom Snyder – The Mascot

  3. So Ben, I am not saying I necessarily agree with this view of Obama (I am still thinking through the implications of his policies and proposals), but how do you respond to the recuring claim that Obama is a socialist? If someone said that to you what intelligent response would you give?

  4. no rep for me? Hmmm I am wondering if that’s a good thing or if means I am just boring…

  5. I think it means your posts have been more varied in their scope. Like Rich is totally the abortion fanatic because every time election talk comes up, he’s all: I don’t care, is he pro-choice? I think Ben became Obama-Glad mostly through Rich calling him that—even though several other posters expressed support for our now-president. Plus it helps to actually have a post titled something like “Why I Voted for Obama and Why You Should Now Call Me the Obama Supporter for All Time.” Before that, he was the Muppet Guy or the Unduly Interested in Politics Guy. So maybe forcing the issue was a good idea for him.

    Also, you blog about a lot of things I’ve never seen, so it’s hard for me to interact with them (so count yourself lucky, young man…).

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