Last night, Season Three of the very popular Game of Thrones series on HBO started, to much excitement. It is a fantastic, if heartbreaking story, but it is also extremely sexually graphic. A year ago, CaPC writers got together to discuss sex in the famous fantasy series, to help each other and our readers work through how to think about these scenes as Christians:

In light of the tremendous popularity of the series and the pressing questions it raises for believers, we asked several of our writers who have read the books or watched the TV series to explore how sex is treated in A Song of Ice and Fire. What follows are four Christian perspectives on sex in the series.

I highly recommend this feature, for those who are interested in the series, or watch it, or are thinking of watching it:

Sex & Thrones: Four Christian Views on Sex in “Game of Thrones”


  1. That’s what I read on my first skim of the article, but that’s what Alan’s saying–he’s saying, “If you’re thinking about reading/watching Game of Thrones, it’s worth reading this article we posted a while ago.”

    Glad I did–I won’t be watching/reading either for reasons outlined in the article (sex aside, the despair is just too brutal–I’m only now recovering from watching The Road a year ago).

  2. The discussion is probably a good idea; it can guide people as to whether or not they want to watch the show.

    I admit I snicker at the “tremendous popularity” description, though. The three plays Sunday were supposed to total about 6.7 million viewers; less than the sure-to-be-canceled NBC loser “Revolution” from last Monday and less than half of “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” from the same night. “GoT” has high visibility in a narrow demographic, but the overwhelming majority of the country pays it little or no attention.

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