This November, CxPC will celebrate its tenth year of providing thoughtful cultural criticism to edify the church and witness to the world. The site has changed dramatically since 2007, and so has the market for Christian cultural criticism. To start this next year (the CxPC calendar begins in November), we will be rethinking CxPC’s purpose and role in the church and the online publishing space. Look for us to unveil the new direction for the site in the coming month. But the first part of our new initiative is to find young visionaries to train as future leaders of CxPC.

Calling young visionaries! Apply to our editor-in-training program and become a future leader of CxPC.

When Rich and I began the site, we were both in our mid-twenties. We had no publishing experience except blogging. We had no connections. We had no budget. But we loved the church; loved what was good, beautiful, and true in culture; and loved writing, editing, and publishing. To make the site run, we put in serious time and thought, we experimented, we failed a lot, and we managed to put something together that was worth supporting. The effort and energy we put into CxPC, especially in the early years, helped make the site successful but it also trained us for future opportunities. Ten years later, I am looking for two young Christians to bring that same kind of energy to CxPC.

We are calling for applications for a unique position: an Editor-in-Training. If accepted, you will learn how CxPC is run, how to work WordPress, how to make editing decisions, how to manage writers and schedules, how to engage with an audience, and other skills related to running an online publication. We will pay you a very small amount (coffee money) which can increase as you master your skills. This position is not meant for those who already have decent experience in these areas. My hope is to find a couple of young believers with a passion for our mission who can bring fresh ideas and energy to the editorial group.

The ideal candidate for this position will have:

  • limited or no formal experience editing, but a solid grasp of grammar
  • a familiarity with our mission, style, and tone
  • membership in good standing in an orthodox protestant church (some might refer to this as a “conservative” or “evangelical” church, or a church that has a “traditional” stance on sexual ethics and the sanctity of life, but all of these terms are so contested. If you are familiar with the perspectives we have on this site, you should have a good sense of our theological commitments)
  • interest in popular culture
  • a belief in the value of edifying the church and witnessing to the world through excellent cultural criticism, commentary, and analysis
  • time to invest in becoming a good editor (approximately 4-7 hours per week at the beginning)
  • the ability to commit to actively contribute to the site for an extended period of time (6 months minimum, barring unforeseen circumstances)
  • good communication skills
  • a vision and passion for faith and culture

If this describes you, please email us at Send us a brief bio, resume, writing sample, and statement of faith including your church affiliation.

Deadline: 09-25-17


  1. Hello there! I am interested in applying for this position; have you set on a deadline for applications?

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