‘All Blood and Fire’: The Twin Horrors of Arthur Machen’s The Three Impostors

Arthur Machen’s novel The Three Impostors is a good reminder about the horrors of living in a godless cosmos.

A Christ and Pop Culture Guide to the Fall 2017 TV Season

Christ and Pop Culture writers break down some upcoming TV shows that we’re looking forward to watching.

The Total Eclipse and the Sublime God

The total eclipse can remind us that God, like nature, is also powerful, awful, and sublime.

Oikos and Idolatry in Spider-Man: Homecoming

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, the villain Adrian Toomes represents a disturbingly plausible version of a very natural human tendency: the idolization of family.

“Alone Before Eternity”: A Review of H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth

This poetic fusion of the cosmic and the local brings Lovecraft to the very doorstep of one of Christianity’s most foundational beliefs.

“We Were Voyagers!” Disney’s Moana Revels in the Quickening Power of Tradition

The contemporary stereotype of tradition — which Moana so beautifully subverts — is that it’s static and deadening.

Virtue with a Twist: Victoria ’s Edgy Morality

Both Victoria and Albert hold fast to their “prudish” morality precisely because they are surrounded by the carnage of its rejection.

“An Adorable Triviality”: The Non-Gnostic Knowledge of Jeopardy!

The knowledge celebrated on Jeopardy! demonstrates one aspect of witness: a positive delight in that “adorable triviality” of a universe that was made for more than our own paltry purposes.

Poetry, Prophecy, and Power in The Bards of Bone Plain & Last Song Before Night

Novels by Patricia McKillip and Ilana Myer suggest another role that poetry might yet play in our society: the project of re-enchantment.

Beyond the Final Frontier: A CaPC Tribute to Star Trek

As a tribute to Star Trek’s lasting legacy, here are some of CaPC writers’ favorite moments.

Quantico ’s Sin-Sick Systems

Quantico’s first season poses the question, When, if ever, does a large system become too corrupt to preserve?

Star Trek Beyond Explores the Cosmography of Relationship

By stressing spatial relativity and disorientation in space, the film demonstrates the need of a physics and metaphysics that incorporate relationship.

Belle’s Fairy Tale Education: Learning Virtue in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale that self-consciously meditates on the role fairy tales play in the development of character.

Wild Kratts and the Love of the Creature

The Kratts successfully exemplify an approach to the natural world that is thoroughly compatible with a Christian approach to creation care.

The (In)vulnerability of Supergirl

Supergirl’s vulnerability is also precisely what makes her a hero in the first place.

‘Forbidden Planet’ Is Still Relevant & Thought-Provoking 60 Years Later

Forbidden Planet delivered a solemn warning about humanity’s interactions with technology, a warning that’s no less relevant to 21st century audiences.