One Year Later: The Boston Marathon and Our Own Marathons

Triumph and tragedy may mark our days, but we have a prize we are running for, and nothing can take that from us.

Downton Abbey: Who Do You Love?

‘Downton Abbey’s’ relationships mirror our own sincere desires to be with people who we truly and deeply love.

Downton Abbey: Guilt, Shame, and the Fear of Confession

I often wonder what produces honesty in sharing our guilt and bracing ourselves for potential shame finally to take place.

Downton Abbey: All In the Family

Even though the characters of Downton Abbey are fictional, they depict very real human emotions, situational responses, and family dynamics.

Downton Abbey: Things We’ve Lost

13. Gravity: “Humanity’s Own Fight” #CaPC25

Displayed between Stone and Kowalski is humanity’s own fight to not get lost in a vast and endless void.

Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks: Similar, but Different

How did the holiday that is supposed to help us be thankful for what we have, actually make it harder to be thankful?

Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘The Four Loves’

“It is grace in and of itself that enables any of us to be loved at all.”

And Now, Some Brief Last-Minute Advice About Dressing Up on Halloween

ELSEWHERE: Can You Relate to This Boy’s Bathroom Troubles?

Learning to Trust God through a Friend’s Story

We learn to trust and love through one another.

It’s World Food Day! Do You Know What It Means to Be Hungry?

“What can we do, in our little corners of the world, to aid in the fight to end world hunger?”

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ELSEWHERE: The Appeal of Chipotle

ELSEWHERE: How Much of a ‘Foodie’ Are You?