My husband and I met and married in our college town of Jackson, Tennessee. We had been there for five years, and that place, along with those people, had become our home. A little over two years ago, we made our way to Louisville, Kentucky, and began to make this city our new home. I’ll be honest—it was not easy at first. It was difficult to leave Tennessee, and I struggled to believe that we would find the kind of friendships in Louisville like the ones we had established in Jackson. I didn’t know how at the time, but the Lord in His sovereignty and goodness would lead us to a church here, where new relationships would be discovered and over time deepened, through life together and the sharing of our stories.

One of my dearest friends and fellow church members is Kristin, who happens to be my neighbor. The Lord has been incredibly kind in allowing my life to overlap and be lived alongside Kristin’s. Her life and friendship have been a regular balm to my heart through some of my most difficult days of transition to Louisville and starting graduate school. She speaks with certainty and humility, with wisdom and grace, from a heart that trusts her Savior and knows Him to be both sovereign and good, for has experienced firsthand His sovereignty over her days on earth. A certain chapter of Kristin’s life can only be understood through the lens of God’s sovereign plan. I have learned through Kristin’s life and story what it means to truly rest in that sovereignty; to remain steadfast in the truth that God’s mercies are new every morning and that there is grace in every season, however long our seasons on earth will last.