Gospel Centered Discipleship has kindly offered their latest book to Christ and Pop Culture members free of charge, and we think everPresent by Jeremy Writebol is a perfect fit. It’s a book that helps us to think through what should be a very simple task — being present — in the context of everyday lives. It’s one of the few books about evangelism that makes any sense, merely because of its simplicity, but Writebol also takes the time to flesh out that advice in several spheres. If CAPC is all about appreciating and thinking critically about culture, everPresent is about actively engaging those within it and impacting them on a gospel-level. The two go hand-in-hand really.


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We’ve known about Gospel Centered Discipleship the ministry for a while now, but only recently did we have an opportunity to get to know Gospel Centered Discipleship the people. The integrity of those behind ministries like GCD is crucially important because the work itself is extremely personal and the stakes are perhaps higher than we may at first realize. Reading a book explicitly meant to bring about our sanctification is an exercise in trust. To read such a book with suspicion is a painful, needless thought exercise. You need to be able to trust the ones who speak truth into your life, whether through book or otherwise.

Not only do we love and appreciate the work GCD is doing, but we can easily commend the ones behind the work to you. Check out more books written, edited, and published by good people at their store.