LOL Interwebz: Only ’90s Kids Will Understand the Crippling Emptiness of Human Existence

If we’re demanding that our childhood be recycled over and over, perhaps it’s because adulthood as currently conceived of has very little to offer us.

Fathers in Video Games: Seeing Ourselves on the Screen

What makes a good father? Surprisingly, video game narratives have a lot to say about the choices a father makes for the sake of society and his own family.

A Roguelike Faith: Starting Again Every Day

Very similar to roguelike gaming, faith isn’t a journey that can be completed.

What Our Enemies Teach Us

As God’s former enemies, we know firsthand the transformation that’s possible when creative displays of grace and mercy are shown.

The Journey, Not the Destination: The Sanctifying Effect of Travel in ‘Grim Fandango’

‘Grim Fandango’ comments on the finality of death and the necessity of accepting it.

Celebrating Satoru Iwata’s Legacy of Community and Joy

In a way, Iwata’s life spoke a universal language that transcended his status as Nintendo’s president.

LOL Interwebz: The Doom That Came to ‘The Doom That Came to Atlantic City’

In Lovecraft’s world, evil is external, overwhelming, and no responsibility of ours to control; the reality is that most of us stumble into evil one innocent step at a time.

What We Find and Lose in the Video Game World

Does death still sting when you can rewind time to undo the actions that cost the life of a friend?

Outrageous Offense: ‘Pillars of Eternity’ and the Possibility of Grace

The backlash against crowd-funded ‘Pillars of Eternity’ highlights the hyper-critical nature of our age.

Unwinnable Weekly: A Personal, Constantly Evolving Games and Culture Criticism Magazine, Free for CAPC Members

If Christians believe that the truth of the gospel has the ability to win out in the marketplace of ideas, we need to champion outlets like Unwinnable that present opportunities for Christians to participate in those markets without so much as a side-eye.

How an iPhone Game Helped Shape My Response to Mark Driscoll

‘Spirits of Spring’ offers a way for players to attain an awareness of how bullying can become attractive for those with power over others.

Hearts and Minds: What We Can Learn From Gamergate

They yell, scream, and threaten so that they do not cry.

Holy Relics: Super 3D Noah’s Ark

It has now been twenty years since Wisdom Tree released Super 3D Noah’s Ark, and we still have not had our reckoning with its subversive and singular vision.

Gaining Steam: A Summer Videogame Sale Offers Opportunity for Community

The Summer Sale recognizes we project our natural and shared desire to belong within a community onto our purchases.

Half-Life 3 and the Wisdom of Waiting

Valve embodies a message that few companies – gaming or otherwise – have the discipline to embrace: delayed gratification.

Can a Videogame Teach Grace?

That Dragon, Cancer prompts us to question what it means not to pursue a goal, but to abandon those goals to embrace another human being.