Horror Games: They Aren’t All Bad

Yes, it is possible for horror video games to have redeeming qualities.

Will the Church Value Video Games in 2017?

Video games offer new and meaningful systems in which to craft and critique experiences.

We Are Chicago: Playing a High-Stakes Game

The new game We Are Chicago gives a first-person glimpse into a certain kind of urban experience in an effort to build empathy.

Picwits and Getting Picked

Playing the game Picwits helps call me back to God, the one who knows us completely, who makes us whole.

What will be the creative legacy of No Man’s Sky?

No Man’s Sky presents ideas that are ambitious enough to leave lasting impressions on the future of game making.

In ABZÛ, You Don’t Just Admire Beauty—You Create It

ABZÛ’s unfamiliarity emphasizes a deeper wonder behind beauty that we seldom acknowledge in our lives, much less in our games.

Playing God Till You Run out of Cake

People will always seek the power to advance and improve the world; but how far is too far?

Summer Shootings, Pokémon Go : Rebuilding Community in the Wake of Destruction

In a season of sorrow, Pokémon Go is a bit of common grace sprinkled on the horror blazing around us.

What’s Getting Us Through the Summer: CaPC Staff Recommendations

Here’s what our writers are consuming this summer when they’re not writing.

The Political Fallout of Cheating Death

‘Fallout 4’ can serve as a commentary about the ability of technology to enhance or destroy human flourishing.

Removing the Mask of Loneliness With Majora’s Mask

The loneliness derived from my own anger and bitterness only lasts for as long as I want it to.

Playing Video Games and Finding Community

Playing video games develops a sense of skill and community, just like any other sport. It’s time for parents and other adults to recognize this.

Hyper Light Drifter’s Groan for Redemption

The world, Hyper Light Drifter reminds us, is fallen, and we have been corrupted through our own folly. But that same world also can and will be redeemed.

“O, Columbia!” ‘Bioshock Infinite’ and Donald Trump’s America

For me, Donald Trump will always be Zachary Hale Comstock, Prophet and Founder of Columbia and the villain of Ken Levine’s ‘Bioshock Infinite.’

Japanese Role-Playing Games: Magic, Airships, and Freedom in Christ

Like the freedom of the airship in a Japanese role-playing game, our freedom in Christ is not simply a negative liberty, a release from worldly constraints

Dark Souls’ Geography of Doubt

In ‘Dark Souls’ as in life, if we linger by the fireside, our embers become ash.