Half-Life 3 and the Wisdom of Waiting

Valve embodies a message that few companies – gaming or otherwise – have the discipline to embrace: delayed gratification.

7 Things to Keep in Mind about the Last Episode of Mad Men

It’s times like these that I wonder, just a little, if the writers are trolling us.

Maya Angelou: An Ageless and Resounding Voice

If she can be accused of anything, it is that she always seemed to strive to speak to the present age from a posture of agelessness.

Persecution and Dialogue in Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”

Can Christians find common ground with homosexuals through persecution narratives like Hozier’s “Take Me to Church”?

How Can We Be Present Enough to Achieve God’s Purpose? everPresent from Gospel Centered Discipleship Has the Answer

everPresent is a book that helps us to think through what should be a very simple task — being present — in the context of everyday lives.

Literature on our Burrito Packaging is the Transcendent Moment We Deserve

Does one elevate a burrito by wrapping it in the words of Toni Morrison? Probably. Does one cheapen literature by using it to cradle bits of rice and sour cream? Most likely.

Can a Videogame Teach Grace?

That Dragon, Cancer prompts us to question what it means not to pursue a goal, but to abandon those goals to embrace another human being.

This Book Will Make You Feel Good about Being an Introvert

Though there is a sense in which Cain is writing to introverts, extroverts will benefit from understanding that there is no need to “convert” introverts.

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 5 of Mad Men

You know when Don thinks he’s supposed to be having fun, because he puts on a plaid jacket.

“The ‘A List’ Isn’t the Only List”: An Interview with Propaganda

We had the chance to talk with Humble Beast hip-hop/rap artist, Propaganda, about his new album, Crimson Cord.

Stop Taking Games for Granted: Kill Screen Magazine

Kill Screen is a website and a print magazine that isn’t afraid to dive deep into the culture and practice of games and play, exploring the personal and social impact of a cultural practice that far too many of us take for granted.

The Solange Knowles-Ray Rice Conundrum

God artfully crafted gender differences for many reasons; to make the fruit of a violent heart laughable is not one of them.

A Satanic Monument on Capitol Grounds? An Outward Symbol of Nothing New

We don’t need self proclaimed satanists to tell use what we believe in our hearts to be true: living life apart from God is an exercise in futility. Erecting monuments to a life lived apart from God is more of the same.

Willow Smith, Misguided Photo-Posing, and Social Stigmas

Should society be faulted for responding to certain social stigmas, or should those who violate them be subjected to the interpretation of others?

Christians Should Be Outraged by Uganda’s LGBT Trials

Jackson Mukasa, a 19-year-old transgendered woman, and Kim Mukisa, a 24-year-old gay man are currently standing trial in Uganda for having consensual sex. Here’s why Christians should stand in support of them.

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 4 of Mad Men

Don’s death stares are in full force this week.