Next issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine will be on the theme of vacations, and I am looking for two feature articles on this theme. We pay $25 for the two featured articles we publish each issue. If you think you have a good idea for an article, send me a one-paragraph pitch to Here are the details:

Pitch Deadline: I will make my decision by Tuesday the 10th at midnight, if not sooner. I typically decide on the pitches as they come in, so if you wait until Tuesday night, it’s likely that I will have already chosen a pitch.


  1. Do not send me a full article unless I accept your pitch and ask you to write it; I won’t have the time to read unsolicited pieces.
  2. Keep your pitch to one paragraph, but include a thesis and some ideas about how you will develop your thesis throughout the piece.
  3. Remember that these are magazine features, so the finished piece should be something more than just a long blog post. These are insightful, detailed, original, well-crafted pieces.
  4. Include a bio of about two sentences to help me understand why you would be qualified to write on this topic.
  5. Include links to two or three articles that you have published, even if it is your own blog (but preferably at other publications).
  6. Keep our audience in mind. We recommend reading a few of the features we’ve published in the past to get a sense of the kinds of articles we run.
  7. If I choose your article, it should be between 2k-3.5k words when finished.
  8. If I choose your article, I will need a full draft of the article by Saturday the 14th.
  9. If I choose your article, you need to be available for revisions during the week of the 15th.

Here are a few ideas for how to write on this theme:

  1. What is the significance and role of vacations in our culture? What does that tell us about our culture and how should Christians respond?
  2. What is a good theology of vacations?
  3. How has a vacation shaped you in a way that might be insightful for our readers?
  4. How do evangelicals tend to think about vacations?

There are many, many ways you can go with this topic, but as always, you will need to address both the cultural aspects and the Faith aspects of the topic. We won’t publish a piece just on theology or a cultural analysis without spiritual implications.

Again, please send this pitches to If I do not get back to you by the 11th, please forgive me. We get a lot of pitches and it is difficult to respond to all of them.

If you have not read CaPCMag before, I recommend becoming a member and reading our recent issues as well as last year’s volume!

-Alan Noble

Managing Editor, CaPCMag