Christians are declaring war on Christmas!?


  1. I don’t know if I would call it a war. For one, the website doesn’t state their mission as a war. Instead, it seems to simply be a way to serve, use your money well, and honor Christ.

    I think the entire attack angle is coming from the journalist, not the ministry itself. The quotes from Mckinley never say anything about a war. Instead, he seems to desire to change our patterns to something that honors Christ more.

    But the movement could be interpreted as a battle against atheism, secularism, and other things attempting to usurp Christmas. I agree with the Dane when he says that this might be a “Unwinnable war”. That’s why we shouldn’t act as if it is a war. We should treat it as the important event it is. We shouldn’t “fight” it out. Instead, we need to just be examples of Christ. And that involves honoring God in this activity, and doing justice.

    It’s just as Adam Carrington said,’Christmas is what you make it.’

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