Today is Constitution Day, marking the completion of our nation’s governing document. It has served us well these 200+ years and may it continue, Lord willing, to do so in the future. Have a read of it on this day, if you get the chance.


  1. Rich you totally have to give me Aside Power, so I can post these in the stream instead of finding tacitly-related posts to attach these links to.

    Pure awesomeness:

    (Roll over the image for both a detailed view AND description of particular elements.)

    The Christian pop-culture’s undying infatuation with the Constitution and the Framers still gives me the willies. “U.S, Constitution: Inspired by God and created by God fearing, patriotic Americans.” (Note that I would have used a hyphen in there.)

    Also inspired parody Cthulu-version:

  2. Does Christian pop-culture embrace Mormon product too, so long as its not explicitly Mormon? Glenn Beck, Prop 8 support, a Mitt Romney presidency, etc. Part of Mormonism’s huge selling point (at least with the evangelists that came to my door) is the great compatiblism between Christian and Mormon (pop-)cultural leanings—and how Mormonism offers a more thoroughly thorough version of what mainline Evangelicalism is already promoting/creating.

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