Where were you on November 5, 2009? I was near Tal Afar, Iraq, sitting down to eat in the dining facility, when I saw news of the shooting at Fort Hood. The world was upside down – here I was, safely deployed to a combat zone, watching my colleagues shot and killed at our home station. After years of delays (during which the shooter made hundreds of thousands of dollars), Major Nidal Hasan’s court martial will finally begin on June 5 (the defendant now wants to represent himself).

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  1. Another case that’s going to begin soon is that of SSG Bales.

    I would be interested to know if there is more discussion on the net about Major Hasan’s killing of his unarmed fellow soldiers vs. discussion of SSG Bales killing unarmed and helpless women and children. We tend to look at Hasan as a terrorist, but tend to look at Bales as a victim of PTSS. In my mind, the meaningless term of “terrorism” should be applied to both or neither.

    War is certainly hell, and that’s a lesson we never seem to learn.

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