Does anyone care?


  1. Maybe Carissa…? Maybe not though. The Academy Awards have long since abandoned relevance or usefulness. Opening up the nominees list to include more films isn’t going to help the major problem with the awards show: the awards show itself.

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  2. Yup, I do care. The main reason is that now even fewer good movies will be released before the “prime” Oscar period of late November-December. Given that, for me, summer is already a cinematic wasteland in which I get excited about only one or two films, I am not pleased. Also, with 10 nominees, studios will pump even more money into Oscar campaigns, instead of spending that money on, say, producing a new, quality film.

    Also, I agree that it’s not going to make more people watch the Oscars. But maybe it will appease the folks who complain every year about that year’s Pixar offering not being nominated for Best Picture.

  3. I mostly agree. I think that studios will continue to release good films in the Summer but that they will continue to be independent, foreign, and low-budget fare. The big budget dramas (i.e. Oscar hopefuls) will continue to hit in Nov-Dec. And Jan-Feb will continue as a cinematic wasteland—mostly, I think due to the fact that people are more reluctant to leave the house for the movie house in inclement weather (but of course partially owing to the fact that anything released then will be forgotten by Oscar season).

    Why I think the Academy’s bump to ten nominations might be a good thing is that I think as the Academy continues to underscore the uselessness and irrelevance of its awards show, studios may begin distancing their hopes from the recognition of a show that no one any longer cares for.

    The Danes last blog post..20090417.teaParty

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