Cincinnati Reds pitcher Eddison Volquez becomes the first player to test positive for performance enhancing drugs in the 2010 season. He is suspended for 50 games, the same punishment Manny Ramirez received for the same offense last year. Volquez was an all-star two years ago but had tommy john surgery last year. Here’s the interesting part:  he is not expected back from his injury/surgery until late July yet he can serve his suspension while on the disabled list. Therefore, while he’ll lose some cash due to the punishment, he really won’t miss a single game due to suspension that he wouldn’t have missed due to injury. Now, for full disclosure, I’m a huge Cincinnati Reds fan and this way of serving the suspension would seem to help the Reds. But it doesn’t seem right. Any other thoughts?


  1. Professional sports = joke. When the goal is a multimillion dollar contract plus multimillion dollar endorsements, the temptation to use performance enhancing drugs is too great for too many athletes, imo.

  2. Yeah, I agree, at least to some degree, with Mr. Poet. This is just another example of how MLB still doesn’t take steroids seriously. Volquez’s punishment is a joke, just like MLB’s disciplinary policy.

    I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, the following talking points:
    1) Bud Selig needs to go. Immediately. And without a severance package.
    2) MLB’s policy should be : 1st offense = 1 year ban, active from time of positive test confirmation, i.e. if a guy tests positive in mid August, he should be suspended until the following August. 2nd offense = lifetime ban from playing, coaching, or working in any other capacity with MLB, its teams, or its affiliates.

    I know it’s not fair to him, but I’m seriously pinning my hopes on baseball’s future on Albert Pujols. He’s the best player around, and so far he looks totally legit. Baseball is my first love in sports, but I feel like if Pujols were to test positive, I would walk away and never look back.

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