We asked some people to tell you why you should support Christ and Pop Culture, and the stuff they wrote in response was incredibly nice. Here are just a few of the responses. We’ll be tweeting more of them throughout the week. If this strikes you as at all convincing, consider becoming a member!

Finally, CAPC has taken up the challenge to answer the elephant in the room question. We know – although we’re loathe to admit it – that Christians are consumers of pop culture. Underscore this: mass quantities of pop culture. Let’s stop pretending that we aren’t really immersed in pop culture, and think in Christian categories about it. CAPC does this: all in one convenient virtual location with stellar writers of evangelical conviction.

– Gregory Alan Thornbury, President of The King’s College

Christ & Pop Culture is a valuable resource for any Christian seeking to seriously engage the whole range of pop culture that surrounds us. Where some Christian engagements with culture err on one or the other end of the legalism-liberty spectrum, CAPC offers balanced writing about culture that seeks not to condemn or to condone culture but to critically engage and understand it. CAPC features writing and dialogue about popular culture that is winsome, earnest, insightful, and ultimately God-glorifying. If you think the Christian community needs not more but BETTER writing about pop culture (and it does), please support the work of CAPC.

– Brett McCracken, author of Gray Matters and Hipster Christianity

Christ and Pop Culture is a valuable voice in the evangelical world. Biblical yet not bombastic and creative yet not compromising, the ministry embodies a posture of generous charity, chastened humility, and gospel grace. I profit from the regular installments of trenchant insight on a wide array of cutting-edge cultural issues. I’m grateful to God for the unique voice of my friends at Christ and Pop Culture, and I encourage you to support their work.

– Matt Smethurst, editor at The Gospel Coalition

Christ and Pop Culture offers consistently some of the most informed, insightful, and intelligent commentaries on the web.

– Karen Swallow Prior, Professor of English at Liberty University

I love how Christ and Pop Culture addresses the full-scope of the human experience. No divide between secular and sacred here–all ground is holy, every bush a burning bush.”

– Hannah Anderson, author of Made for More

It is often smarter than the culture it reviews and witty without snark. If you consume pop culture, then read the Christians who are redeeming it for the Christ.

– John Mark N. Reynolds, Provost, Professor of Philosophy

There are few places on the web to go when you want a truly fresh, truly intelligent, truly orthodox take on the whole breadth of popular culture. Thank goodness for CaPC.

– Alissa Wilkinson, chief film critic at Christianity Today

CaPC is a constant source of surprising, thoughtful, perspective-expanding stories on the intersection of faith, morality and culture. That I am an avowed fan and also an atheist should stand as a testament to its multitude of qualities.

– Stu Horvath, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Unwinnable

Christ & Pop Culture represents a new breed of Christian dialogue with human culture of all varieties. They engage, without being dismissive, and are not afraid to love the goodness that God imprints in all of His image-bearers, whether they recognize the origin of their gifts or not.

– Blake I. Collier, contributor at Mockingbird

If the need of the day is how to wisely and graciously engage culture, Christ and Pop Culture is a guiding voice. Some of the most thoughtful writers and pieces out there.

Sammy Rhodes, Writer and Twitter guy

Christ and Pop Culture is one of the few places I have found where there are diverse groups of Christians interested in actively listening to one another. The editors carefully curate a roster of diverse, orthodox opinions and gravitate towards positions of empathy, examination, and a commitment to dialogue.

D.L. Mayfield, former CAPC staff writer

“Christ and Pop Culture consistently offers a unique and fascinating perspective on important religious and cultural topics.”

– Gina Dalfonzo, editor at Breakpoint

Very few thinkers approach any subject from a thoroughly Christian worldview, but CAPC applies that approach to everything.

– Adam Winters, Archivist at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Christ and Pop Culture is a site brave enough to have challenging conversations in the often prickly space where religion meets the secular world. For that reason alone, it’s worth reading and supporting.

– Owen R. Smith, Managing Editor for Unwinnable

Christ and Pop Culture fills a void in cultural engagement better than anything I’ve seen.

– Bryan Baise, Professor at Boyce College

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