It seems that a group of Christians are seeking to form a Christian film industry to combat Hollywood. The article covering it is critical with ample justification. The real answer is for Christians to seriously work in Hollywood and seek to present a Christ-centered worldview from within the already established industry. Let there be a free flow of ideas and worldviews in Tinseltown, where Atheists, Christians, and myriad others can make films legitimately supporting their worldviews. In the end, the ones who tell the best stories, tales true to the human condition and filled with solid acting, writing, and directing will often win the day.

Another point:  Most Christian “art” that I have seen, especially in filmaking, wasn’t disregarded because it presented a Christian worldview. That didn’t even need to come up because each was quite frankly a bad piece of work. The first thing Christians making films need to learn:  subtlety. Art is much more effective when the message is shown, not directly told. Most explicitly Christian films have not gotten this, beating the audience over the head with their themes. The stories of Scripture and the parables of Christ show the great art that can be used to communicate God’s truth.

Therefore, learn the art of storytelling through the lens. People are hungry for tales of forgiveness, sacrificial love, and redemption. These themes resonate because they are part of the human condition and grounded in the truth of God’s Word. I hope there are gifted believers who will work to craft these stories to the glory of God in a manner that the unsaved can enjoy and respect.

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