Some international issues relating to both our current and recently-past Presidents:

South Korea seems to be standing up to North Korea regarding its alleged sinking of a South Korean vessel. North Korea, being so deep in the grip of tyranny, only understands force and therefore threatened vioent retaliation or even war if the South or anyone else acted against them. South Korea is calling their bluff, and the United States is rightly supporting them. This is a prudent move on the part of the Obama adminstration. For years North Korea has feasted on threatening and getting all kinds of goodies for those threats. Such actions can’t continue.

In addition, this BBC article was called to my attention about the good Presidet Bush did in Africa, including huge increases in drugs for those battling HIV and cutting Malaria infection in half in several nations. It turns out, not surprisingly (with both President Bush’s actions and President Obama’s election) that sub-Sahara Africa is where the United States is most popular.