It’s the first half of Seeing & Believing’s top-10-of-the-decade extravaganza! Wade and Kevin are joined by Christianity Today’s Nick Olson to count down the best films to come out between 2010 and the present. This week: numbers 10 through 6, plus a discussion of the decade’s overrated films.


Wade’s Picks:
1.The Tree of Life
2.The Social Network
3.Inside Llewyn Davis
5.A Separation
6.The Kid with a Bike
7.The Master

Kevin’s Picks:
2.The Tree of Life
3.The Act of Killing/The Look of Silence
4.Certified Copy
5.The Grand Budapest Hotel
6. The Kid with a Bike
7.A Separation
8.Upstream Color
9.It’s Such a Beautiful Day
10.Meek’s Cutoff

Nick Olson’s Picks:
1.The Tree of Life
2.Certified Copy
3.The Kid with a Bike/Two Days, One Night
4.A Separation/The Past
5.Moonrise Kingdom
6.The Social Network
7.Of Gods and Men
8.Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
9.The Immigrant
10.The Loneliest Planet

Theme music by Alexander Osborn and Lindsey Mysse. Interlude by Doc Aquatic, “Arrived.” Used under Creative Commons license 3.0. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.


  1. Would be great if you could post the lists. Having listened to the podcasts I came back here to reference the list and recall the films discussed. Any chance of updating?

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