Rob Bell’s theological trajectory isn’t getting better.


  1. Here’s what I don’t understand . . .

    There’s a LOT of evangelical Christian leaders being published in print. A whole lot. And we could make a laundry list of names who’s words hold a lot more weight in the public’s eyes than Rob Bell. So when Rob Bell gets interviewed and decides to talk about a new creation, resurrection, generousity, kindness, etc. everyone wants to jump down his throat.

    I mean, it’s not as if Rob Bell is the only Christian getting interviewed in a major publication. And frankly, isn’t it a good thing for the general public to know that Christians are about things like helping the poor, caring about the environment, and still know that we believe our God is making all things new? No one is ever able to point out anything specifically that he says that’s just plain wrong, only nitpick and say “Well, he should have said this and this.”

    When so many voices bombard the public with doctrine, doctrine, doctrine, isn’t it okay for someone to talk about other aspects of our faith that are important (and beautiful, at that)? I admit, I could be terribly wrong, but I feel refreshed when I hear Rob Bell speak and I think he has an important message to give – one that includes a side of Christianity that the media tries to sweep under the carpet and we ourselves fail to live out.

  2. Kiel,
    You raise some important points. It’s easy enough to nitpick at interviews, especially when you’re not the one being interviewed. We do have to ask, however, why people are so fequently “picking” on him. The reason, I believe, is that his theology is so bad that it raises questions about whether or not he is a Christian.

    His affirmations are great! Love for the poor, care for the homeless, interest in social justice, etc. There’s no denying that the church has done a less than satisfactory job in these areas. But his denials are serious enough that they overshadow the pluses.

  3. Yeah, I think my problem with what Bell was saying in the interview Kevin DeYoung wrote about is that (and not only in that instance but in many of his books/interviews)while he affirms some good points…and while it comes off sounding really really good and like it makes a lot of sense…if you read very carefully and think about it deeply…you realize that some of what he says is unbiblical. Example…He says

    “If you have something to say, whether you’re religious or not, if it is truly Christian and Jesus-centered, then it will help and be interesting and compelling to people, regardless of their world view.”

    But we know biblically that the true gospel offends often times…even if shared in a loving way. So fore instance…acts 17…Paul on Mars Hill….some people listened to what he had to say and loved it…some hated it…they weren’t interested in it (some of them)…they were appalled by it.
    So in reality not everythign the Christian says will be interestign and compelling to people…it will repulse people…not that it is what we want…but we want to be faithful to the message and give it in a loving way and trust the Spirit with the rest.

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