Communion. Grandma. Church. Candy. Sex? After putting Bobby Shmurda on the prayer chain, we discuss “Sunday Candy” by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, a project featuring Chance the Rapper. It’s a sweet, earthy song reveling in the joy of human love, which is enough to mess with our (unfortunate) prudish evangelical sensibilities.




  1. I found your podcast looking for commentary on Donnie Trumpet and SoX. I am excited about to listen to more as it is coming with a Christian mind.

    On “Sunday Candy” specificly, the song is definitely both about G’ma and sex partner. Thank you which ever one of thought it was not a sinful song. Chance is comparing his girl and the good, sweet things his Grandma provides namely Sunday hard candy, something that every black kid get every Sunday from the women sit in their vicinity. (I say this after many years living as a black kid) As a lady, I love this metaphor; yes, I am sweet, good, and holy. I don’t mind G’ma mixed in things. She set the standard so you could know what a good thing looks like. As a Christian unmarried chick, it is now on my future bedroom mix (every Christian girl has one).

    Every Sunday should communion Sunday.

    1. Oops. This is one of those situations where my finger hit post accidentally. I didn’t get to finish or proof read and my iPad is not letting me copy and paste so it’s just going to remain that way, because I’m going to bed( have to teach summer school mañana).

      The “every Sunday should be communion Sunday” sentence was something I was going to take out. I was beginning to write, as I was listening to the end of the podcast and the communion comment made me laugh. That would have been my comment if I was sitting in the room with you, as a card holding Presbyterian. ( just kidding: we don’t have cards)

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