CNN Repors: Dirty Girls are Thriving in Pop Culture


  1. I have a little girl and I work with the teens at our church and this story really struck me. I wonder what you guys think we can do to start helping young women with this reality.

  2. I’m not particularly concerned about it. None of the girls I know seem to be on that path and most would find such behaviour either reprehensible or just plain stupid (and therefore not worth emulation).

    The girl who said that it was all about female empowerment was hilarious. I’m not sure her education has yet covered the meaning of empowerment…

  3. Dane,

    I know lots of young ladies just like this. I am surprised that you don’t know any girls like this.

  4. Hah, I just know a higher class of ladies, apparently. If I am really ruthless and uncharitable, out of all the girls I know, I would say that I only know one who exhibits even the potential to go in this direction. And I think that her struggles would probably still lie in a different direction.

    Most of the girls I know would instead struggle with judging these so-called dirty girls. And let’s be honest: that wouldn’t be too tough to do.

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