No, This Isn’t the “Most Important Election in Our Lifetime”

In order to weigh our voting options more fairly in the 2016 election, we need to ditch the apocalyptic rhetoric.

The CaPC 25 for 2016 Episode 28: All Is Not Lost , This Is Us , and VR Technology

All is not lost on this epic episode of The CaPC 25 for 2016 as Amanda Wortham and C.T. Casberg join Jonathan and Sarah for this week’s episode.

Persuasion: Dressing for Success When You Work from Home

Erin and Hannah talk about a recent study relating clothing choice to professional success for those who work from home.

CAPC Magazine, October 2016: Dystopian Disillusionment

Stories are a powerful therapy for the human heart struggling with the heaviness of the world.

The Life and End Times of the Apocalypse

Both The Leftovers and Left Behind may be mere entertainment, but they nonetheless expertly play into the fears of what a less-populated world would entail.

Impossible People by Os Guinness, Free for CaPC Members

Os Guinness’ Impossible People is not afraid to be as tough on Christians as it is on their cultural enemies.

“The World Is Magical”: An Interview with S. D. Smith, Author of The Green Ember

For S. D. Smith, author of The Green Ember series, ‘great fantasy . . . is all about possibility and about gateways to better seeing.’

Seeing and Believing: The Birth of a Nation and Marvel’s Luke Cage

Wade and Kevin welcome guest critic Lauren Wilford onto the show this week as they tackle one of the most controversial films to come out this year: Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation.

The CAPC Digest: Emotion with Dignity in This Is Us with Abby Perry

Sharing emotion with dignity is the theme of Drew and Tyler’s chat with Abby Perry about her recent article, “This Is Us and the Dignity of Human Emotion.”

I Found God’s Image in My Son’s Autism

Children with disabilities aren’t incarnations of clinically identified symptoms—they are human beings.

Real Life and Real Redemption in N.D. Wilson’s The River Thief

Author and filmmaker N.D. Wilson’s first full-length feature film The River Thief offers real grit, real storytelling, and real redemption.

Unborn Witness: An Unlikely Hero Pursues Justice in Ian McEwan’s Nutshell

The issues McEwan raises in this strange, brilliant novel provoke serious thought.

Persuasion: Why Christian Beliefs and Behaviors Can Be So Confusing

Why are Christian beliefs and behaviors so confusing? Erin and Hannah explore the difference between the vocabulary and actions amongst self identifying Christians.

Seeing and Believing: Denial and Tower

Wade and Kevin discuss the documentary ‘Tower’ and the WW II biography picture ‘Denial’

False Promises of the Security Gospel

God hasn’t promised us perfect safety here on earth, but if you believe He has, you will have to question His character when it vanishes.

Self-emptying and Rebirth in Okkervil River’s Away

Okkervil River’s Away is a record of lead singer Will Sheff’s kenosis : his self-emptying.