Here we are, post–Christmas, pre–New Year’s. It’s that in-between place where many of us look back over the past 12 months in search of Something Significant, something to name as the defining factor of the year that is now gone. Some look at goals set (perhaps long-forgotten), others identify  major life events. Here at Christ and Pop Culture, we look at the articles published over the past 365 days to see which cultural happenings and artifacts lay claim to 2017.

In this list you’ll find our most-read articles that were published in 2017. Top stats go to our humorist, Luke T. Harrington, whose D-List Saints column pinpoints the peculiar things of the past that eerily mirror our present-day trials and troubles. In addition to humor, readers also gave their clicks to articles covering podcasts, music, movies, and social markers and rumblings both at-large and in the Church. And most appropriately, taking the #10 slot is a tribute to beloved friend and CAPC member Beth Hall Mitchell.

Many cultural artifacts have served to shape and reflect our collective experience in 2017. This collection highlights how we at Christ and Pop Culture seek “to edify the Church, glorify God, and witness to the world by encouraging and modeling a biblical presence within culture.” If you are new to Christ and Pop Culture, these articles will provide an excellent entry into our nuanced, balanced approach to cultural commentary. If you’ve been reading throughout the year, see if your favorite article made the list. Thanks for reading along in 2017.

Beth Hall Mitchell#10 Death and the Limits of Online Friendships: Beth Hall Mitchell

By Alan Noble, January 20, 2017
Beth’s witness shows that “real” community, with vulnerability and obligations and joy and weeping and love, can exist wherever people are willing to use words to bear with one another over time.

Pedro the Lion#9 What the Return of Pedro the Lion Means for David Bazan, Patron Saint of Skeptics and Doubters

By Keegan Bradford, November 29, 2017
Bazan is one of the few songwriters who reminds us that religion, as experienced in daily life, is a journey of faith.

Wonder Woman#8 ‘It’s Not about Deserve’: Truth, Pity, and a Deeper Magic in Wonder Woman

By K. B. Hoyle, June 22, 2017
We crave heroes like Wonder Woman who give undeserved mercy to those who deserve destruction.


s-town#7 For the Love of S-Town

By Jen Michel, April 14, 2017
S-Town bears out the shared fate of body and place.



#6 VidAngel Let Me Remove the Sex from Game of Thrones, so Why Do I Still Feel Like a Pervert?

By Matt Poppe, September 29, 2017
The VidAngel approach to Game of Thrones forced me to think critically about why I watch the things I do.

sexual abuse#5 When Christians Resort to Lazy Gender Stereotypes, Both Women and Men Suffer

By Kaitlyn Schiess, November 28, 2017
We forget that the Church’s role is not to baptize toxic masculinity, but rather, to redeem true masculinity.

Russell Moore#4 American Evangelicals Need Leaders Like Russell Moore

By Kaitlyn Schiess, March 8, 2017
Russell Moore and the ERLC represent some of the best of what evangelicals can do to represent the life-giving truth of the Gospel.

Derek Webb - Fingers Crossed#3 Curse Your Listeners: Making Sense of Derek Webb’s Fingers Crossed

By Matthew Loftus, November 7, 2017
To an outsider looking in, Derek Webb’s latest feels more like an unintentional cautionary tale than a story that evokes sympathy.

Gilmore Guys#2 Hope in My Earbuds: A Tribute to the Gilmore Guys

By Abby Perry, July 21, 2017
For Kevin Porter of Gilmore Guys, hospitality looked like a podcast with a posture of welcome and inclusion.

#1 D-List Saints, by Luke T. Harrington

How Seventh-Day Adventists Convinced You to Eat Breakfast Cereal

May 19, 2017
We devote huge amounts of time and energy guilting each other over what we eat.


paganNo, Christmas Isn’t Secretly Pagan: A Very Merry D-List Saints Christmas Special (For the Whole Family)

December 22, 2017
The point is, it’s Christmas (or actually Advent, but since no one seems to understand the difference between Christmas and Advent, whatevs, call it Christmas if you want, sure)!

communion cupsThe Story of Those Little Communion Cups, Whatever Those Are Technically Called

February 24, 2017
Communion may be the moment where God and man meet face-to-face, which is cool and all, but yeesh, get on with it, God.

church pews

The History of Pews Is Just as Terrible and Embarrassing as You’d Imagine

June 16, 2017
Despite the advent of stadium-style seating and auditorium-like worship halls, the simple, ancient pew endures.


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