I work in the food industry. I’m a barista at a local coffee shop in the city where my husband and I live. I’ve been a barista for about five years and I love what I do. Part of the joy of my job is something called free-pour latte art. And it’s been within the last year that latte art has been possible for me to achieve. I can pour a simple rosetta on the surface of the latte, a heart, and occasionally I practice the tulip. The art isn’t perfect every time, but it is a sign of care in how the drink is made.

When the design shows up and the drink is passed off to the customer and they exclaim with delight at the design and pull out their phone to snap a picture, I feel two things: 1. thankfulness that they noticed the design and 2. hopes for them to have a greater appreciation for the drink because of its beauty.

Why am I thankful that they took a picture and might put it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Because they get to share with others something wonderful by way of a simple photograph. They are giving others an opportunity to see something alongside them, even though they are not right by their side. When friends of mine tweet or Facebook a photograph of a latte (or any food item, for that matter) I smile and thank the Lord for his grace to give us the opportunity to see beauty in what we eat and drink.

Why do I want them to appreciate the drink? It’s simple. So much of our daily lives cause us to rush through good food and good drink. It is easy to miss the good gifts that God has given us by way of delicious and beautiful food to see, eat, and drink. When a customer of mine can wait for a few minutes as their drink is being made, and then come to see the beauty in it, that means something to me. They may not be as excited as I am about the design, but in some small way I hope that I helped them see something worth appreciating.

There is an increasing number of individuals who share photographs of the food and drinks that they are eating. Regardless of the motivation or intended purpose, we can simply look at the drink or dish and thank the Lord that He has provided something to enjoy.