Free for All for a Limited Time: CAPC Magazine’s New Web Version

We’re happy to announce the brand new web-version of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine.

Call for Pitches: The Great Outdoors

Write for CAPC Magazine.

We’re Halfway There. Help Us Achieve Our Goal by October’s End.

Christ and Pop Culture’s Precarious Reality

This editorial kicks off a month-long membership drive.

Call for Feature Articles on “Playing God” for CaPCMag!

Ruined by the Bell

Zack Morris has been lying to us all along.

Clap along If You Feel: Pharrell’s 24 Hours Of “Happy”

Ultimately, “Happy” is a child playing make-believe; closing our eyes, plugging our ears and shouting, “I can’t hear you!” can only stave off the hurt for so long.

Call for Feature Articles on “Outsiders” for CaPCMag!

Free for CAPC Members: The Mockingbird’s Summer Issue and “This American Gospel”

Whenever I visit Mockingbird, I’m reminded of the steady and reliable nature of God’s grace, not only in the abstract, but concretely in the world.

Not Our Problem: Why Collectively Ignoring Mark Driscoll Isn’t an Option

The real question is whether we, as Christians, ought to be exacerbating the repercussions of a local pastor’s missteps.

Christ and Pop Culture’s Illustrator Has Created an Insightful and Subversive Comic Book about Total Depravity

Personal and Reverent Summer Porch Music: a Ship at Sea

Free Single for CAPC Members: Gray Havens’ The Stone

A Thoughtful and Practical Approach to Cultural Engagement: Greg Forster’s Joy for the World

Where many of us had grown apathetic or overly combative when it comes to engaging culture, Forster inserts joy into the equation.

How Can We Be Present Enough to Achieve God’s Purpose? everPresent from Gospel Centered Discipleship Has the Answer

everPresent is a book that helps us to think through what should be a very simple task — being present — in the context of everyday lives.

Stop Taking Games for Granted: Kill Screen Magazine

Kill Screen is a website and a print magazine that isn’t afraid to dive deep into the culture and practice of games and play, exploring the personal and social impact of a cultural practice that far too many of us take for granted.