Elsewhere: A New-Earth, Cussin’, Submission, and Ayn Rand on Symbolism

In Which Various Links are collected from every one of the Internets so that you don’t have to use Google, cause they’re rich already. 1% and all.

Elsewhere: Motown Nickelback, Serious Ninja Movies, and Skyrim

In Which Tom Bissel learns not to make fun of gamers who play RPGs.

Elswhere: Videogames, Virtual Schools, Klosterman, and Gay Penguins

Where all your deepest questions are answered like, “Should gay, endangered penguins be forced to mate?”

Elsewhere: Scandals, Acting, Politics, and Infographics

Those are separate entries, by the way, not all one and the same.

Elsewhere: Walking Dead Theology, Anonymous vs Los Zetas, and Bieber Baby

Look at us, reading stuff all over the Internet and delivering it to you dressed up in a purdy bow.

Elsewhere: The Fashion of OWS, Social Justice, Halloween, Sex Ed, and Traffic

Drew tries to freshen up the discussion on OWS and Erin S. asks you to test your character knowledge.

Elsewhere: Balking Dawkins, the “Age” of Instagram, Grand Grantland, and the Music of 1991

Also: Kirk is not “one of the ladies,” Rich links to Video “Game” articles, Alan is profound, and Jason enjoys music.

Elsewhere: Honoring Steve Jobs, Immigration Crackdown, Hipster Sports Fans

Also: The Magicians comes to TV, a young boy experiences Star Wars spoiler free, Spielberg’s Moses epic, etc.

Elsewhere: Robertson “Clarifies”, Bell Goes to Hollywood, Dogs Surf

This week’s Elsewhere will make you laugh, cry and yell with your fist shaking in the air, “SUUURRRF DOOOGGGG!!

Elsewhere: Toys for Girls, Pat Robertson, The End of Men, Tea Party Zombies, Apple, etc.

The only CaPC post about politics, videogames, sexism, bible translation and cosmology all at once. Ever.

Elsewhere: Worship Music, Redeeming Culture, Beck, MMA, etc.

An extra-large Thursday edition! Extra Value! No Refunds!

Elsewhere: Potter, Arguments, Education, Punky Brewster etc.

This week’s collection of internet finds just might cause your soul to, well…

Elsewhere: The Help, Lost, Elections, Muppets Marrying, Lawns, etc.

Take in some of our favorite finds from across the internet – this week, super varied!

Elsewhere: Nascar Prayer Guy, Guilty Pleasures, Jeff Goldblum

You needn’t be ashamed to enjoy these various links we found on the internet.

Elsewhere: Piper on Twitter, Coffee, Google+, Mortal Kombat, etc.

A list of links to other articles, instead of a new original feature: “a demanding form, not a lazy one.”

Elsewhere: Christian Games, Harry Potter, Netflix, Friday Night Lights, etc.

Check out these random links while you can, because in September we’ll charge you 60% more for them.